It's the first study conducted to measure walking activity using mobile phones


America Walks was a 10 months long observational mobile research study to measure walking behaviors of individuals in different regions of the US.

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The dashboard provided participants with a map and graph view of live data being collected during study. Participants could visualize their participation against the aggregate data of others in the study across various key metrics.

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To boost participation we turned it into an inter-state competition with a leaderboard that provided live reporting on state ranking and average steps walked.

Final Steps Count Tally

  • 1 NY: 0
  • 2 TX: 0
  • 3 MA: 0

“Easy to use. Everything is done for you. It didn't suck up data. Since I have very limited data that's important to me.”
— Gayle

“Great motivator.”
— Dr. Ashwini Wagle

American Walks Study Screenshot
American Walks Study Screenshot

Participants who downloaded the study app were first introduced to the broader goals and intent of the study, then they had to answer a few quick questions to determine their eligibility for the study.

American Walks Study Screenshot
American Walks Study Screenshot
American Walks Study Screenshot

Every participant was enrolled in the study for 30 days. Since this was an IRB approved research study, the app collected a signed consent document from all participants.

Enrollment goal: 200
Participants enrolled: 211
Total step counts: 0